How it all began for me....

Welcome to The Silver Wing, you will find unique sterling silver stamped jewelry that can be personalized for anyone special in your life. Detailed time is taken with each and every piece of stamped jewelry made to insure that at The Silver Wing you will receive a piece of art, that is high quality stamped sterling silver jewelry and will last for years to come as a family keepsake. My Jewelry have a shiny flawless finish that is hand stamped and personalized for you. I create my designs in either sterling silver, silver or mixed media. The Silver Wing is also unique because I create my own designs. It starts with a vision, searching for the right words that move me & then a layout which is created through my sketches. Most of my personalized stamped jewelry collections have quotes & phrases so you can say exactly what you want, to that special someone, words that are aimed to touch your heart!
If you need help getting started send us a message & be prepared to be inspired! Together we can personalize a custom stamped necklace that is a true original. We can provide my research of phrases & quotes as suggestions to help get you started on your new one of a kind piece of stamped sterling silver jewelry.

Here is my story of how jewelry became a new chapter in my life.....I am an artist through & through! I love painting, sketching, sculpting, designing, writing, sewing & now making jewelry. My soul is comforted by music, lyrics & poetry. I lost my mom in 2003 to lung cancer. Losing her left me empty and alone, the loss devastated me. While looking for comfort I stumbled upon memorial hand stamped pieces. I loved the idea of having a memory of my Mom close to my heart but I could not find the piece I created in my mind. So I set on a journey to make my own. I am self taught . I have read every book I could & went through countless numbers of web pages to do my research. The Silver Wing gives me a creative outlet and allows me to combine my love of art, poetry & lyrics. Designing allows me to create & dream. Words can greatly affect someone, changing their life forever! The combination of words can be used as a comfort to keep close to your heart. Connecting with my customers, having them share their story allows me to create a gift someone will treasure forever. I am also a wife & mother of 3 beautiful children, a beautiful Daughter who is 24yrs, a super active Son who is 10yrs old, and my youngest son who loves to cuddle who is 8yrs old. I love animals & have since I was a young girl. I have two fur-babies, an African grey parrot and a giant tank of Salt water fish, anemones, and corals. I am never without my fur babies and parrot or my kids! This is how my journey began but every day is a new journey for me ! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!

Every piece is finished like Fine Jewelry which makes The Silver Wing very Unique.
Each of my pieces have a flawless, mirror like finish. No tool marks or scratches. The finish on each of my pieces is created by using highly skilled metal smithing techniques. I use heat and several skilled steps To complete and process the metal to a fine jewelry standard.
The Silver Wing only use the finest material - Sterling Silver & mixed media. I only use .925 Sterling Silver that is 18 - 20 Gauge. What I use is always clearly stated. -> this is important other shops may mislead you by carefully choosing the verbiage in their listings you may think you are purchasing sterling silver but it may just be the chain or the components only, nickel silver, plated with sterling silver or german silver. - read more below --> under OTHER SHOPS
My stamping is straight and each letter is spaced properly. I specialize in spiralling long phrases giving customers the ability to add more words and say just what they want to with few limitations. At The Silver Wing a mistake is an mistake. I will not send out my work unless it meets my own standards & I am very picky!
My designs are original and never copied. I take time searching for the perfect phrase to create a design I know my customers will love.
♥ All of the Hand stamped jewelry at The Silver Wing can be personalized in anyway you wish. You could just add family members or children's names, or any phrase you choose as long as you under the amount of characters allowed for the design.
Changes to design must be pre-approved and cost may be effected, Any change to design components is considered a custom request and you must request a custom order. If this is not requested in advance through convos or custom listing request, listing will be made as layout was designed.
♥Shipping time depends on shipping option you choose, Strongly suggest upgrading to tracked package option, this option can be as fast as expedited service, includes tracking & is just a little bit more. Please note standard shipping can be up to 12 business days on international orders & US orders.

♥ I am located in Kelowna, BC which allows me to use an US address when using a service for shipping called Chitchat express. My packages are driven over the Canadian border and mailed from Blaine, Washington.
Find me on ♥ facebook :<br />♥ twitter :!/MySilverWing ♥ Instagram : MySilverWing

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